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From: Rick James
Subject: Finding a home - Chapter 2"Finding a home" -- Chapter 2, Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.This story may not be distributed on any pay site without the express
written permission of the author. Any comments on the story are appreciated
and may be addressed to:coolmewarmme: gentle4menuyahoo.comThis story may contain descriptions of sexual contact between young boys
and adult males. However, if you are looking for explicit and detailed
exploitation of boys you will be disappointed. The story is more about an
adults love for little boys and girls. If you are not of legal age to read
stories of this nature or are offended by the subject matter do not read
any further.I should bbs links desired angels appreciate receiving any comments or suggestions anyone might have
regarding this fantasy story. Such comments should be sent to
Chapter 2After such a wonderful and explosive cum I was somewhat embarrassed and
quickly pulled up my pants, uttered "Thanks" and quickly departed the stall
and the store and went directly back to my new home. Driving back, my
entire body was still shaking due to the enormous cum and sensations that
had raked my trembling body. It felt wonderful and nothing like I had ever
experienced before. I knew I had to have many more such encounters and
delightful experiences. My mind then went to sexy, little nine year nude child bbs photography old
Danny and I began thinking about the possibility of the two of us learning
how to enjoy gay sexual experiences together, especially like I had just
experienced. Just the thought of it brought my cock kds baby bbs sex back to life but at
least I could dream.When I got home I headed directly to my room but as I passed the laundry
room I noticed Danny's little red, satin soccer shorts on top of the drier
and for some unknown sexual deviate reason I grabbed them and carried them
to my room. I then had a shower and lay down naked and with Danny's
shorts, opened the porn book that ukranian petite bbs
I had bought at the store. I began
looking at the bazaar but very stimulating sexual pictures as I slowly
began jerking my already hard cock but with Danny's silky shorts wrapped
around and over the head of my steel-like uncut penis. The erotic
sensation of beating my cock into little nine years old Danny's shorts was
amazing and it felt like it was just a wonderful and natural thing to do.I was quickly non nude girl bbs amazed to see the pictures of virgin teen models bbs
older males sucking young boy's
cock, little boy's sucking older men's hard pricks, little boys' faces
covered with slimy sperm and men fucking small boys' in the ass. The
sexual excitement was overwhelming, especially coupled with the feeling of
Danny's silky shorts on my prick as I jerked my cock furiously with
thoughts of sucking Danny's little cock and it was just too emotional. My
breathing quickened and I suddenly felt my sperm begin flowing up my cock
and out of my opened piss slit and into Danny's shorts, covering and
coating them with my warm, creamy slimy sperm, Oh, how I wanted to have my
little Danny and please him with my mouth and cock. I knew then that I
must have his little body and train him to love me as I was beginning to
love him. I took them and rubbed the cum coated material all over my face
and licked as much of my spent sperm into my hungry mouth as possible.
The taste and smell of my own sperm was wonderful and a new erotic treat
to me. But what was I now going to do with the sperm soiled shorts of
Danny? That was a problem as I didn't want to get caught by his mother and
identified as some sort of freak.WeekendFinally the weekend came around and after doing some shopping I returned
home or rather the rooms that I was renting from Jill and her young,
gorgeous son Danny. Their house had a big yard with trees and bushes and a
high wooden fence that bbs ls magazin shielded the view from any curious neighbors. The
yard had a big garden lining the fence and there was a big, round blue
rubber/plastic pool of about 5 feet in diameter and about 4 feet tall that
sat on the ground. After changing into my own, loose fitting
tennis/swimming shorts and going commando I went outside and saw that Jill
was working on her garden and Danny was swimming in the pool. "Hi Rik"
Danny yelled out as his cute head with wet, long straight blond hair poked
out over the side of the pool. He sure looked cute as I waved back and
then began helping his mother weed the garden. It was hot and I quickly
worked up a sweat.After about an hour of weeding Jill suggested that we take a break and have
a cold drink as we sat on lawn chairs under a tree and in the shade. Danny
came jumping out of the pool and I was sexual stunned when I saw that he
was wearing a very brief and tight pair of bright yellow thongs. He looked
absolutely stunning with his longish blond hair dripping wet and looking
almost like a girls page-boy cut. His small but delightful looking crotch
package was on full nude child bbs photography display and I couldn't take my eyes of it. His cute
and sexy round buns covered only by a small bbs world incest yellow swatch of material
between his little crack just magnified his beauty. His skin looked so
smooth and silky. Oh how I wanted to wrap my arms around this beauty and
feel him close to me. Just the thought of this sent shivers through my
body as I felt my prick begin to harden.Jill came out dressed in her nurse's uniform and carried a pitcher of
lemonade and some glasses. As we bbs forum teen
drank the cool liquid she told me that
she had to go to work as her shift at the hospital was 2:00 to 10:00 PM and
she asked if I could boy sit with Danny for that time. I told her that it
would be no problem and my pleasure (I was more than pleased!). Danny was
very happy with this plan as he gave his mother a hug and told her how
happy he was to be able to stay with me. After finishing our drinks Jill
said that she had to stop at the drugstore to get something before going to
work so she decided to leave. She gave Danny a big hug and non nude girl bbs
came over and
kissed me check and said "Thanks! Now don't the two of you get into any
trouble!" and left. Oh yes, I thought to myself. We sure won't get into
trouble!After Jill left Danny went back to the pool for a while as I read a book.
After about 15 minutes he came out of the pool and walked over to my chair.
WOW! He looked so fucking sexy and cute. "You look really cute Danny" I
said. "I like your bathing suit. It makes you look so sexy and cute." I
added. "You've got very pretty legs and bbs ls magazin you look so pretty. Did you know
that you're so pretty?" I asked. He blushed and said "You really think I'm
pretty?" as he gave me a sexy, shy smile. "You sure are" I Young love bbs said as I
patted his cute little round buns and let my hand linger on his butt as I
squeezed it slightly. He giggled and said "That feels nice when
you held me the other day". I replied "If you want to sit in my lap you
can. I don't care if you're still wet and it might help cool me down".
With that he jumped up into my lap and gave me a big hug and said "I like
being close to you Rik. You feel so warm". I wasn't just warm ...I was
hot and horny and my cock was already hard and tenting my shorts as little
Danny wiggled his sexy, little ass into my crotch. I knew that he must be
able to feel my swollen cock pushing up into his buns."Rik, your thingy is hard! I can virgin teen models bbs feel it pushing up into me. Am I hurting
you?" I reassured Danny that nothing was hurting me and that he was making
me feel good and that was why my penis was hard; that when men are happy
that their penis will get nice and hard and it feels so good. I told him
how virgin petite bbs
he was a beautiful rika nishimura nude bbs
boy and looked so pretty and sexy with his nice
blond hair and blue eyes as my nude child bbs photography
hands roamed over his soft, satin like
smooth skin. He felt so nice to touch as he seemed to melt bbs list teen at my touch. I
let my hand move softly over his hairless, little chest and gave his nipple
a slight squeeze. He giggled at my touch, looked up me ls sites bbs
and told me that it
tickled and made him feel funny all over. I leaned down, stoked his long,
silky, blond hair and gave him a very soft kiss firstly on the top of head
as I inhaled his sweet boy body aroma. I then bent further down and
planted a light kiss on his little lips as I let the tip of my tongue dip
into his little mouth. "Mmmm! You taste nice" I said as I felt his little
body shiver at the entry of my bbs tiny tongue."That felt nice Rik. You make me feel so nice inside. My thingy is hard
also so I must be happy" What awesome words to hear as I hugged Danny
closer and then let my hand slide down over his flat belly and onto his
crotch covered with his sexy yellow thong suit. I could feel his little
cocklette pushing up through his suit and cupped his little balls and cock
in the palm of my hand and squeezed them softly and lovingly. The
sensation of touching a very warm poker went through my bbs list teen body as I let my
fingers wander up and done his hard, small cock. Danny's entire body shook
with the new sexual passion he was experiencing as he moaned softly and
hugged me tighter.I could feel warm precum leaking out of the piss slit of my steel-like
prick and felt like I would be cumming without even touching my cock and
due to the erotic stimulation caused by feeling and touching sexy, little
Danny. It was a wonderful feeling as I adjusted Danny so that I could get
to my aching and throbbing penis. I reached down with one hand and slipped
it under my shorts and pushed the top down as my hard, uncut cock came
bursting out, exposing the entire hard shaft that was oozing drops of warm,
clear precum with my hairless, shaved ball sack sitting at the bottom.Little Danny looked down and he gasped at the sight of my hard prick and
said "Wow! That is so big! What's that leaking from your hole? Is it
OK?" I smiled and told Danny that when men get really, really happy that
their penises get very hard, they leak with happiness and the liquid that
comes out the tip of my penis is very sweet and even tastes good. I added
that he was such a pretty and sexy little boy that he made me so happy that
my cock got very hard and my man juices leaked out the hole at the end. I
reached down with my finger and swiped a big glob of my precum onto it and
then sucked it into my mouth. "Mmm! That tastes good!" I said and asked
Danny if he wanted to try a taste. He was a bit shy but I reached down
again with my wet finger and got a nice big glob of clear, warm juice and
placed my juicy covered finger against his little lips. He opened his
small mouth cautiously and took my precum soaked finger into his warm, wet
mouth and began washing the precum off with his warm tongue. It looked
almost like he was sucking on a cock and I knew then that he would make a
natural cocksucker.I then took his little, soft hand and brought it down to my uncut,
dripping, hard cock and suggested that he feel how soft my foreskin was and
at the same time how hard my cock was. His little fingers slowly began to
fondle my seeping prick and his soft touches sent erotic shivers through my
entire body as his little hand cupped one of my swollen balls and he
squeezed it softly. Mmmmm, ukrainian young bbs it felt heavenly!The sensuous touch of little Danny's hand on my throbbing, leaking uncut
prick was awesome. I told him to softly pull back my satiny foreskin with
his two hands bbs forum teen and see the big, purple mushroomed head of my aching prick.
He then quickly grabbed my hard, seven inch cock about half way up with his
two small hands and slowly pulled down on my soft foreskin. As he did
this, a huge drop of precum was forced out of the gapping hole of my wide
open piss slit and slipped down over the head of my cock.The enormous passionate and sexual sensation of his soft, little hands
yanking my foreskin down as he held my cock tightly was just too much for
my body and mind to control. I quickly began breathing rapidly and my head
was spinning. Suddenly I felt my ball sack pull up tight as the rush of
warm sperm charged up my jerking cock that was being held by Danny's two
little hands and my prick swelled to its biggest possible size as warm,
creamy, slimy cum burst out of my wide open piss slit. top youngbbs Jet after jet of
warm sperm flew up in the bbs nonude air and globs of creamy slime started falling on
little Danny's chest and over my jerking cock and shorts as my body
convulsed with each body shaking explosion. I must have shot at least 6
huge explosions of warm man juice before my body started to slow down and
as warm sperm continued to pour from my piss slit and down my cock and over
little Danny's hands.I managed a look down at Danny's face and his eyes were stretched wide open
and his mouth was also open as he stared in awe at what had just taken
place. He then asked if I was alright; was I hurt. In short, stammered
breaths I told him that his touching made me bbs girl pedo so happy and excited that I
had what grown up people called an orgasm; that it felt so wonderful and he
made me so happy. I told him that he was the reason for making me so very
happy and that maybe we could taste some of my warm juices.I reached down with a couple of my trembling fingers and scooped up some of
my warm sperm and quickly stuck them in my mouth and wiped them clean with
my tongue and made some slurping sounds as I smiled and uttered "Oh yes,
that tastes so good! Want some?" Danny shook his head yes as I fat kiddy bbs
coated my
already wet fingers with more globs of slimy sperm and took them up to his
already opened little mouth. As I slid my cum coated fingers into his
small mouth Danny moaned and licked them with his little tongue and sucked
on my hard fingers. Oh yes, his mouth and little tongue felt so wonderful
and exciting. He then took his cum coated fingers and licked all of my
spent jism into his warm mouth. He sure was one wonderful little learner
and we had lots of things to try out together but we had to be careful and
not tell anyone what we were doing but first I had to clean up this
orgasmic mess and asked my little Danny if he would like to lick up my warm
sperm that had coated my softening cock. He said yes but first I held him
in my arms and licked my man juices that had just coated his hairless
chest. What an awesome beginning to a fun filled life.Suggestions/comments?
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